This is a small sample of a media company and graphic arts, dedicated to the design, production and transformation of printed and editorial material.
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Pre-Press - Design

The digital edition or preparation is the process whereby the graphic document is examined to refine the image-text, through the retouching, and commissioning of the digital images and the setting in the color control to play through aligned and calibrated techniques of our CTP (computer to plate) in front of the press.

  • Digital Retouching
  • editorial design and layout
  • color test
  • CTP (computer to plate)

Editorial Line

We offer a service that covers all the editorial processes, from consulting to the printing and binding.

In specific projects develop prototypes and models, we coordinate the organization of the materials.

The editorial processes that we offer are:

  • Counseling editorial
  • Spelling, grammar, style and spell checking
  • Editorial design
  • Finished and binding

Printed Line

We have modern Heidelberg printing equipment that allow us a optimal and accurate workflow, for high quality prints, by means of preliminary tests of pre-printing and standards of quality in printing that certify a printed piece faithful copy of the digital file.

Products in the printed Line:

  • Posters, flyers, and individuals.
  • Folding, catalogs and brochures,
  • Books, magazines, reports, and yearbooks
  • Diaries, notebooks and calendars
  • Labels folding boxes and shopping bags (paper and corrugated cardboard)
  • Promotional pieces and teaching games
  • Print on PVC - Polypropylene and metallic
  • Scratch – scratch

Pop Line

The material POP (Point of Purchase - Point of sale) is a category of marketing that relies on advertising to the points of sale, seeks to generate a permanence of the brand through a variety of objects that you can print or stamp marking.

  • Communication displays: shelves and take one
  • Exhibitors in (cardboard, wood, polystyrene), metal structures
  • Sparks promotional and pennants
  • Borders and rompetraficos
  • Printing on rigid surfaces
  • Parade and fences


We have a team specialized and talented, with great experience in crafts and finishes; completed special designed for the unique needs of all our customers, achieving highly differentiated products.

Additional to the pre-press and to the press, we have at your disposal finishings for their products among which are: pre punched, embossed, numbering, folding, to which their forms have the expected impact.

  • Cold Rolled (Bright and matte)
  • UV Varnish (Total and Partial)
  • UV Lacquer Glitter (Glitter)
  • Metallic laminate
  • Scratch
  • Hot-melt and in hardcover

Web Design and Development

Adequate plans for entrepreneurs, SMEs, large companies and customized solutions. always aim at user affinity, good usability and especially optimized for better integration with search engines and social networks.

Digital Marketing

Increase your visits and brand positioning online. Our experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Sem, Email Marketing, Social Media Campaigns will be his right hand in the success of your Web Site.

Hosting and Domains

Hire now our hosting service and find residence's calm to have your site in the best hands. Servers with 100% of air time.