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Papers with excellent smoothness, high brightness and opacity, high strength, high whiteness, different textures and sensations to the touch, especially for offset printing that enhance and differentiate the printed product, fine papers Europeans, Chinese, Americans, and others.

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ARJOWIGGINS creative papers

Provides the shine and feel of metal on both sides of the paper.

Provides a high percentage of cotton which gives a more suave and sophisticated.

Papers smooth and homogeneous, has very strong colors and marcantes.

With deep metallic effect, smooth surface and uniform, very soft to the touch, creating the impression dimension.

Papeles de alta calidad, fibras refinadas para ingeniosas e infinitas posibilidades de innovación.


Glazed paper with excellent smoothness, uniform brightness, good rigidity, high strength, low porosity, providing ink saving, high whiteness, high gloss, especially for offset printing; among the most common we find the following in their weights.

PropalCotes - PropalMates

Propalcote esmaltado una cara ó (C1S)
Propalcote 80 grs
Propalcote 90 grs
Propalcote 115 grs
Propalcote 160 grs
Propalcote 210 grs

Propalcote esmaltado dos caras (C2S)
Propalcote 90 grs
Propalcote 115 grs
Propalcote 150 grs
Propalcote 200 grs
Propalcote 240 grs
Propalcote 300 grs

Paper Chemical
Newspaper Paper
Basic Cardboard


They are made ​​with different materials such as wood pulp and 25% cotton fiber.

Fine Papers have a wide range of colors that communicate the most varied feelings with natural tones, sober, elegant, modern and alive.

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