This is a small sample of a media company and graphic arts, dedicated to the design, production and transformation of printed and editorial material.
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Alfagraphics is a media company and graphic arts dedicated to editing, design and production of printed editorials and promotional printing.

Operates in Cali (Colombia) for over fifteen years and has a modern production plant and with professionals who are continually updated to respond swiftly and appropriately to the needs of customers with services, fast and efficient processes concluding with final products of high quality.

Always focused on meeting the needs of its customers, Alfagraphics offers editorial consulting services, promotional printed, text correction, scanning and retouching of images, design arts, lithographic and digital printing (Offset), finished and completed special flows, binding and packaging of products.


Achieve solutions for graphic communications consistent with the needs and expectations of our customers, to achieve the best image, communicate clearly messages incorporated and to achieve the proposed objectives.


Be the company chosen by our customers in services and graphic solutions, recognized by our professional quality and the efficiency and agility in our production processes.


We work with passion, feel the emotion of perfection in each job, in each customer, always restless for the quality in each process of our work.

Together we are a team with a great human talent that works for the satisfaction of our customers.